Myra Keel

Myra is a pale woman with dark, curly hair pulled into a bun. Her clothes are Victorian-inspired and in muted, dark tones. She has a serious expression on her face.

Name: Myra Keel

Playbook: The Spider

Age: 23-25 (exact age unknown)

Heritage: Akoros — Single mother, workhouse, orphan

Background: Underworld — One of Salia’s apprentices

Vice: Stupor

Played By: Minna

Myra doesn’t talk about her childhood much, but what is certain is that she was born in Charhollow and spent time in the factories of Coalridge. More recently, she spent her teenage years in the service of Salia, an information broker, learning the skills that serve her now and competing for position with her fellow apprentices. The deal had been clear, if unspoken: Salia trained her so she would be useful to Salia for years to come. Myra knew she was burning that bridge when she left, but she wanted a different life – one she directed.

Friendship was a pretty rare thing for Myra through those times; she came out of her apprenticeship with only one person she trusted, a former mark-turned-friend named Jeren. Meeting Phin was a turn of luck. Sure, they ran into trouble on their first job, but they also found they worked well together – so they kept doing it, and Myra made a friendship that changed her life. The two of them decided they wanted to gather more people and start a proper gang, and The Magpies were born.

These days, Myra turns her skills towards making deals, forging connections, and hitting the books when a little background is needed. She and her crew are starting to make a name for themselves, and everything seems to be happening now. As making her way in the city becomes a game of more than just survival, Myra will have to decide what it is she actually wants.