Minx is a tall, blonde, pale woman, dressed in well-tailored and expensive clothes. She leans both hands on a walking cane and has a smug, self-satisfied expression on her face.

Name: Minx, aka Ellie

Playbook: Slide

Age: 25

Heritage: Akoros — Street Urchin

Background: Underworld — Thief and Con Artist

Vice: Luxury

Played By: Josie

Formerly a street urchin, Minx is now obsessed with luxury and getting rich. After a falling out with Baszo Baz, she is determined to not live on the streets anymore and live a life of comfort. She’s friendly, fashionable, and self-assured, but rarely lets anyone see any “unseemly” side of her or “lets anyone in” emotionally. The one exception is Nyryx, who she’s on-again off-again with.