Blaire Culhane

Blaire is a short, tan-skinned young woman with shaggy dark hair, glowing light purple eyes, and horns. She wears dark clothes with a short, feathered cape, and is holding a large jar containing a glowing spirit. She has a huge, toothy grin on her face.

Name: Blaire Culhane

Playbook: Whisper

Age: 19

Heritage: Tycheros

Background: Academic

Vice: Weird

Played By: Kim

Blaire is a young Tycherosi woman who was raised by a middle-class family of alchemists. She travelled to Duskvol to attend Charterhall University and to expand her talents in all things arcane. When her curiosity led her to a place most would deem too extreme, she was promptly expelled from the institution and thrown to the streets. With no way of returning home and fearing prosecution from the law, Blaire fled to the city’s criminal underground, where she soon afterward found the Magpies and joined their happy cohort.

Blaire holds a borderline-unhealthy fascination with ghosts, making it her personal mission to rescue and free Duskvol’s wandering souls. She is also interested in the occult, demons, cursed artifacts, and afternoon tea.