Current Cast

Rhi is a dedicated storyteller and lifelong fan of RPGs. Upon being invited to play a new RPG, she will materialize in your room to hand you a character sheet, a novella about the character’s backstory, and a relationship diagram containing several potential NPCs. She started gaming with D&D 3.5 in high school and now plays or GMs a wide variety of tabletop games. When not rolling dice, hoarding dice, or managing the Magpies, she can be found cooking, baking, sewing, playing video games, writing fanfic, and/or bothering her cat. Follow her on Twitter @rhiannon42.

Kim Kogut is an illustrator from the greater Boston area. Whether it be from books, film, or games, she has always had a passion for storytelling. Kim’s journey into the realm of tabletop gaming began fairly recently when she started playing Edge of the Empire in 2016. Since then, she has branched out to other systems including D&D 5E, Masks, Fiasco, and of course, Blades in the Dark. Her other hobbies include music, cosplay, and video games. You can find her being a filthy meme goblin on Twitter @kimdianajones. Check out her art portfolio and contact her for commission info at

Josie is lifetime player of RPGs, on both sides of the screen. She cannot stop making characters and will pretty much always be able to pull one out if there’s even an inkling of a game. She started tabletop gaming by running D&D 3.5, and now has expanded to a variety of other TTRPGs and LARPs. She also designs TTRPGs on the side. In her spare time she enjoys illustration, video games, movies, and being overwhelmingly queer. Follow her on Twitter @DragonGirlJosie and watch her art streams on Picarto.

Minna is a relative newcomer to tabletop RPGs, but roleplay and the magic of collaborative storytelling have been in her blood for a long time. If she were a dragon, she would hoard books, Discord servers, or possibly just docs upon docs of notes and background info on RP. If you want someone who’s going to get excited about spreadsheets, she’s your girl. Find her doodling, ranting, knitting, or talking about OCs on Twitter at @mynaminnarr.

Former Cast

Madge is a freelance graphic designer and enthusiast for all things tabletop.  She’s created cover art for several other podcasts like Memory Card, Dungeon and/or Dragon, Fan Fix, and has also done the cover art for the Magpies Podcast.  If you want to hear her on another podcast, you can listen to her on Iron Hides, where she plays Zadie Marlow. You can find her on social media on twitter @madgequips