About Us

The Magpies is an actual play podcast using the Blades in the Dark roleplay system. It updates every other Tuesday at 10 a.m Central time. The four cast members live in four different states and three different time zones and record online.

Copyright & Credits

The Magpies episodes and all website content are © The Magpies Podcast 2018. All rights reserved. (Don’t download our episodes and art to share them somewhere else, just send people here, and we’re good.)

The Magpies icon and banner were both created by Madge. The Magpies character art was created by Kim.

The opening and closing theme music is from “Trio for Piano, Violin, and Viola” by Kevin MacLeod, and is used under a Creative Commons license. The Blades in the Dark roleplay system is the creation of John Harper and is published by Evil Hat Productions.