A Note From The Nest (Season 2, Episode 5 Addendum)

Note from Rhi: This was written by Madge and originally posted to her Twitter.

Hey everybody,

This week’s episode of Magpies is going to be my last. With going back to school and trying to keep up with my job, I’ve needed to take a few things off my plate to make sure my mental health doesn’t take too big a hit.

I’ve been in love with the concept of the Magpies since the start, and I’m so grateful to have gotten to play a part in the fun for the last year. I’m glad that you’ve all gotten to know Phin and Needle, two characters that I’ve adored playing.

I’m always going to love my Magpies crew, and plan to find other ways to play with them in the future. While my girls have taken to the wind, I’m excited to see the Magpies continue to bring chaos and justice to Doskvol.

So from the daughter of the docks and the loudest thief in Silkshore, thank you so much for this amazing experience.